LFD Audio

LFD Accessories

A little known British manufacturer of marvelous sounding products; interconnect, speaker, digital, and mains cables, also stands and other audio accessories. The cables, which are mostly made of silver, are all constructed by hand, rather than machine fabricated, to ensure maximum fidelity.


Spirolink IV.
Grainless Interconnect.
Silver Horizon.
Reference Silver.
Silver Scorpion.
Black Widow.
Diamond Viper II.
SME tonearm Copper Reference.
SME tonearm Reference Silver.
SME tonearm Silver Scorpion.
Spiroflex I Loudspeaker.
Spiroflex I Bi-Wire Loudspeaker.
LFD Grain Free Biwire.
LFD Grain Free Biwire Signature.
Hybrid Ribbon Loudspeaker.
Reference Silver Loudspeaker.
Reference Silver Bi-wire Loudspeaker.
Ultima Silver Loudspeaker.
Ultima Silver Bi-wire Loudspeaker.
Digilink tube.
Digilink copper II.
Silicon Mains lead.